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  • Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Grid Warrior

    The Grid Warrior by KC Martin, is a science fiction fantasy, that casts the reader into the future, in In The Grid Warrior, Paul, a programmer and gamer who lives in England, has developed a way to integrate

  • Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Grid Wars

    Grid Wars, by KC Martin is a cyber fantasy. A sequel to The Grid Warrior, Grid Wars follows Paul, an IT specialist who has created an entire cyber Chang, who now rules Earth in the wake of the collapse of modern civilivation, is intent on taking the grid

  • Writers Inspiring Change feature author: K.C. Martin

    Grid Warrior is a near future science fiction thriller which depicts one possible timeline for the future still not enough and the next step is to actually enter the game world and really be part of the game grid different and terrifying dangers as Paul’s transfer to the game world and his transformation into a Grid second reason is based upon my love of playing World of Warcraft; the sheer size of this online game grid

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