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Writers Inspiring Change book review of MASHKA

Updated: Mar 24


MASHKA, by Sophia Gallegos, is an historical novel about the last Tzar of Russia, Nicholas II and Alexandra, Emperor and Empress of Russia and their children. It is a story of what might have happened to the family during the Revolution to overthrow the Royals. The end of the book tells the fate of the family. It was a terrible time of political upheaval in Russia. The story is gripping and hopeful, but not fact. No one knows the real truth of the family trials and tribulations during the revolution. There are some facts known from writings found and they are included throughout. Very interesting read.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Sophia Gallegos

Sophia Gallegos is a novelist with a passion for stories that give voice to women and children who have been silenced by systemic oppression. When she isn’t reading, working her day job in the court system or gardening, she loves crafting prose. She lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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