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Author Feedback

What the authors say about iWIC services

"International Writers Inspiring Change is a rare bird among a plethora of outfits claiming to provide book marketing services. They actually do what they promise to do, providing thoughtful reviews and a broad range of publicity efforts with a presence on all critical social media sites. It has been a pleasure to work with them. I also was struck by the personal attention they provide. They respond immediately; they take a personal interest and are actually familiar with the books I have submitted to them. They also offer marketing suggestions. I highly recommend iWIC."
Malve von Hassel, author


"I’m a huge fan of International Writers Inspiring Change and their mission—to spotlight authors and their works—was what attracted me initially. If you are looking for a thoughtful review for your book from an expert and its broad marketing on social channels, you need to check them. I wholeheartedly recommend iWIC to all writers I know."

Marina Osipova - author of Too Many Wolves in the Local Woods


"Nothing sells books as well as word of mouth. I’m always endlessly grateful for the time and effort when someone helps bring a book to the attention of people by writing a review. I’m honored to receive a detailed and honest review for my book - Girl, Taken... If you are looking for a review from an expert, consider International Writers Inspiring Change."

Elena Nikitina- Award-winning author of bestseller "Girl, Taken”


"Virtually all writers want their work to be read. When it's read, reviewed, and shared by International Writers Inspiring Change, it becomes part of a conversation that scans the world. Ideas and concepts that reinforce timeless emotions, or generate new thinking, should always be part of our lives. I believe they will continue to be as long as organizations like International Writers Inspiring Change fuel creative fires with the power of words."

Joe Kilgore – author

B Roman.jpg

"I am proud and delighted to be a featured author on International Writers Inspiring Change.  Several of my books have been featured and reviewed and have a permanent place on iWIC’s web site.  That I am afforded international exposure is one of the best features of this amazing author service.  Every link - to my author interview, book review, and Spotlight page - provides me with a vehicle to promote my work and my message to readers on social media…

Barbara Roman – author


"Traditionally, when buying a book in a store, readers could rely on publishers to filter out the less interesting novel or memoir. Nowadays, it is so easy to write and publish anything, that regretfully, in this instance, more does not mean better. Consequently, it has become difficult for proficient Indie authors to stand out from the madding crowd. In a world that is growing more untrustworthy by the week, it is refreshing to discover a few grains of honesty. This is where I treasure International Writers Inspiring Change. Their perceptions about my first book in The Andalusian Mystery Series are fair and have helped many readers make a discerning choice for a good read.

I look forward to an enduring relationship.”

Paul S. Bradley - author of Darkness in Malaga


"International Writers Inspiring Change have been my go-to whenever I have published a new novel.  They do a terrific interview and post their reviews and do the advertising they say they will. I have found them to be honest and most helpful.  Not only do they do the initial advertising their posts remain on their site and it is possible for me to retweet on Twitter, but also place their reviews on Facebook or elsewhere.  I do recommend them for a way to jump start your sales.”

Mari Collier – author


"Indie writers need support: seeking it, I discovered the extensive services of International Writers Inspiring Change. I’m honoured to be one of their featured authors, which provides me an invaluable spotlight. Beyond this, they gave me thoughtful expert reviews for my historical novels – pure gold dust for an independent author. iWIC also promote my work across a wide range of the social network. With no hesitation I recommend iWIC to other authors.”

John Broughton – historical novelist

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