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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: I would, but MY DAMN MIND won't let me!: A Guided Workbook...

Each day is a struggle…

…and school is a nightmare.

How is a young man supposed to thrive?

After conquering low self-esteem and depression, Jacqui Letran became passionate about teaching others how to retrain their minds. Now, with 20 years of experience working with teens in the medical and holistic world, using time-tested practices, she’s helped thousands embody Peaceful Confidence™.

The voice in our head is powerful.

It dictates what we do.

Are you ready to change it?

Years of negative self-talk have created a faulty belief system and unhealthy coping mechanisms. But we have the power to change how our inner voice speaks.

In this guided journal, young men can learn how to:

Identify their strengths and goals.

Shut down negative self-talk.

Build the self-confidence needed to be happy and successful.

It’s time to take back control of your thoughts.

Are you ready to get started?

You’ll love this journal because a little time each day can make a world of difference that impacts the rest of your life.

About Jacqui Letran

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