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Writers Inspiring Change featured book review: Love, Magic and Mystery by Karina McRoberts

A wild ride!

Love, Magic and Mystery, a three-part book-series, by Karina McRoberts, is a wild ride that spans two time dimensions.

A retired nurse and somewhat eccentric bookstore owner, Mari Linden, takes in a novice cop, Michael Harker, who is struggling with life - a rather lost soul. They become friends in their own way, and then, whether by fate, magic, or the hand of the Universe, a portal opens up and Michael is cast back over a century earlier, in the same town, but certainly not the same circumstances. As he tries to reconcile what happened to him, he finds himself caught up in that world, and inadvertently begins to adapt to his new environment. Befriended by J.T. Gordon, owner and creator of The Palace of the Stars musical hall theatre, Michael not only finds himself drawn in, but he also meets a woman, a performer at the Palace, whom he falls in love with and who, coming to know of his strange circumstances, entreats him to use his skills as a crime fighter to help track down and stop the man behind a string of bizarre and brutal murders - a journey that leads Michael and his new-found friends and lover, down a bizarre and rather mind-bending road. What seems implausible is detailed in lucid detail by the author who spares no vocabulary in fueling this fantastic adventure. Meanwhile, back home, present day, Mari Linden, faces her own challenges as she awaits Michael's return. This is fun reading - well-written and laced with humor too as Michael, a displaced and confused time traveler from the future is constantly reminded that he has landed in a world over 100 years before his time. The author does a good job of comparing the "then" and "the now" and showing us how the world has morphed in a century of time. This a long read, so put on the coffee pot and dive in.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Karina McRoberts

I want to assure my readers that everything I write is my own personal creation - not a machine's! You will always get genuine heartfelt literature - I guarantee this to you.

Karina writes so readers can... Escape to the Heights of Their Hearts and the Depths of Their Souls!

Character rich and emotionally engaging, her stories have won numerous awards.

Karina is an American-Australian author, illustrator, musician, scientist and theatre producer. She considers herself to be a true Renaissance woman and strives to help other achieve the same. ( "After all, ladies, we didn't get a chance last time!!!!").

Previously working as a conservation scientist, she was struck down by a mosquito-borne virus. No longer able to work, Karina now spends her time writing fiction to inspire, encourage, enlighten and entertain; especially those readers active in social justice, humanitarian work, and protection of the Earth.

She also writes self-instruction books and gives workshops in illustration and creative writing.

In these dark days of crazy violence, betrayal, and plague, Karina hopes readers find solace and joy in her creations.

Hope is light to the heart! As her character JT Gordon says in her time-travel adventure/romance novel, The Palace of the Stars, 'Don't measure your time in minutes, treasure your time in moments.' Indeed.

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