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To get a Feature Book Spotlight & book review,

follow these steps...

Step 1

Read the Terms & Conditions (scroll down the page to see them). We know, it's the boring stuff, but it takes just a minute or so to read.   

Step 2

Submit the Order Form (below).

Step 3

You will receive an email invoice from PayPal for $13.49 (USD) (plus tax)

You can pay with debit card, credit card or directly from your PayPal account. 

Step 4

Once your payment is received we will email you to get the following information to create your feature:

  • We will ask a series of questions about you as an author, how you got started, what inspired you and any anecdotal material. 

  • We will ask you about your book, what inspired it, what readers think of it. 

  • Lastly, we will ask you to send us a copy of your book so that we may forward it to the reviewer. You can send us a PDF, Word Doc, Mobi or ePub version of your book for the review purposes.


Step 5

We create a full page Feature article about you and your book. This includes links to Amazon as well as our bookstore (if your book is listed in our store for sale.) We also provide links to your author website and any book trailers concerning your book. If your book is an upcoming release, we'll provide a link to the pre-order site. The Feature Book Spotlight is then splashed to thousands of our followers/readers, and we do it often.

Step 6

We forward the copy of your book to one of our reviewers. When the review is live on our site at Featured Books (where it remains permanently), we will notify you. We also try to post our reviews to, Barnes & Noble and - providing your book appears on those sites.

Our review is then splashed to thousands of our followers/readers, and we do it often.

AMAZON: If you wish the reviewer to also post his/her review of your book to Amazon, we will ask that you email us an Amazon gift card for the value of your Kindle book, which we will forward to the reviewer, who will then purchase your book for the review. The reason for this is that Amazon prefers reviews based on verified purchases.

Submit for a Feature Book Spotlight

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions of service with International Writers Inspiring Change or iWIC  


  1. I understand that the Feature Book Spotlight provided by International Writers Inspiring Change, also referred to as iWIC, is based on information provided by myself or from relevant sites which I authorize iWIC to use.  

  2. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide iWIC with the necessary information it requires to create my feature spotlight. 

  3. I understand that it is my responsibility to provide iWIC with a copy of my book for the book review service.

  4. I understand that iWIC will post its book reviews to it's sites and social media channels, as well as, Barnes & Noble and (providing my book is listed on those sites.) 

  5. I understand that if I wish to have the iWIC book review also posted to Amazon, that iWIC will request that I provide an Amazon gift card which iWIC will forward to the reviewer, so that they may purchase my book and then post their review to Amazon. (This only applies to posting reviews to Amazon. Otherwise, reviews can be based on other formats such as PDF, Mobi and even Word Doc versions of my book).

  6. I understand that iWIC has the right to distribute and display/promote my Feature Book Spotlight and book review through its various channels and social media as it deems suitable in the provision of its service. 

  7. I understand that if I so choose, I can request that iWIC remove my Feature Book Spotlight and/or book review from its sites without liability to iWIC for having done so. 

  8. I understand that iWIC retains the right to remove my Feature Book Spotlight and/or book review from its sites without liability should it consider or deem that such is necessary. 

  9. I understand that iWIC reserves the right to make adjustments to any material which I send to them for the purposes of my author interview, referred to as the Feature Book Spotlight. Such adjustments would be focused on improving grammar or wording so as to improve the quality of the overall presentation. 

  10. I understand that I can request that iWIC adjust or change wording on my Feature Book Spotlight as it appears on their sites. 

  11. I understand and agree that book reviews provided by iWIC are the product of individual book reviewers who are under no obligation or parameters with regard to their reviews. iWIC does not dictate nor change or alter the reviews provided by the book reviewers.

  12. I understand that iWIC is not a membership organization and that any fee I pay for the Feature Book Spotlight is for a single service, not a recurring service nor is it for membership of any kind.

  13. I understand that once my Feature Book Spotlight is posted to the iWIC websites that the service is considered complete and non-refundable. 

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