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Writers Inspiring Change featured book: Love, Magic and Mystery by Karina McRoberts

Another time - another place!

Retired nurse and kooky bookstore owner Mari Linden rescues badly beaten rookie cop Michael Harker; but his life lacks meaning and he cannot recover. Fate throws Mike into the past, where he lands at The Palace of the Stars musical hall theatre, and is employed by its magnanimous impresario, J.T. Gordon. Mike falls for a mysterious dancer/magician, who begs him to solve a series of gruesome murders, and he re-invents himself as a time-travelling detective.

Struggling with the culture and morals of the day, Mike chases down murderers, mad doctors, pirates, his sanity, and, the love his life! Meanwhile, Mari fights aftershocks, book thieves, maniacs, fat cats, and bureaucrats to keep her store and the time portal open, hoping that Mike can return.

Richly realized and highly evocative, these three thrilling Victorian time-travel novels will transport you to a world like no other. Adventure, mystery, romance, horror, humor, and of course, skulduggery! Check out the stunning book trailer on YouTube entitled "The Palace of the Stars". The Palace of the Stars is a Literary Titan Gold Book Award Winner and a Finalist in the Wishing Shelf Book Awards. REVIEWS LISTED ON INDIVIDUAL BOOKS.

About Karina McRoberts

I want to assure my readers that everything I write is my own personal creation - not a machine's! You will always get genuine heartfelt literature - I guarantee this to you.

Karina writes so readers can... Escape to the Heights of Their Hearts and the Depths of Their Souls!

Character rich and emotionally engaging, her stories have won numerous awards.

Karina is an American-Australian author, illustrator, musician, scientist and theatre producer. She considers herself to be a true Renaissance woman and strives to help other achieve the same. ( "After all, ladies, we didn't get a chance last time!!!!").

Previously working as a conservation scientist, she was struck down by a mosquito-borne virus. No longer able to work, Karina now spends her time writing fiction to inspire, encourage, enlighten and entertain; especially those readers active in social justice, humanitarian work, and protection of the Earth.

She also writes self-instruction books and gives workshops in illustration and creative writing.

In these dark days of crazy violence, betrayal, and plague, Karina hopes readers find solace and joy in her creations.

Hope is light to the heart! As her character JT Gordon says in her time-travel adventure/romance novel, The Palace of the Stars, 'Don't measure your time in minutes, treasure your time in moments.' Indeed.

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