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International Writers Inspiring Change featured book review: Twelve Palominos: A Brig Ellis Tale, by Joe Kilgore


Twelve Palominos by Joe Kilgore is a richly realized high-octane thriller that exquisitely ticks every box and then some. This is classically good; much better than most novels in this genre, even those of the “big guys”.

Private investigator Brig Ellis is taken on the ride of his life when he agrees to hunt down a legendary treasure for a wealthy client.

The story never bogs down, but neither does it run all the way through at light speed — there is just the right balance of action and introspection.

All Kilgore’s characters pulse with life; there is no wood, no carboard cut-outs.

It suggested to me very much of a cross between The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep. But this work is wholly original —the storyline is unique and imaginative, and it’s clear the author has strived to achieve realism.

The wordcraft in this novel is exemplary, giving it depth and making it sing. So refreshing to find a thriller that doesn’t simply rely on shock value and a one-dimensional macho hero.

There is interesting background, humor, pathos, and social conscience. These qualities make the book stand out from so many others, giving it a richness that I find few thrillers have.

I enjoyed Twelve Palominos immensely and have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone wanting a satisfying read.

Reviewed by JPB at International Writers Inspiring Change

Releasing 28 August 2024

Pre-order now for just: $4.99

About Joe Kilgore

Joe is an award-winning writer of novels, novellas, screenplays and short stories. His stories have been published in magazines, creative journals, anthologies, and online literary publications. One of them was honored by the Kurt Vonnegut Museum & Library. A collection of his short stories was recently published by Encircle Publications. Joe is the author of six published novels, one novella, and has won awards for original screenplays as well. In addition, he also writes professionally for national and international book review companies. Joe’s wife, Claudia, is an accomplished artist. They live in Austin, Texas with a dog, multiple cats, and other animals that always seem to be wandering by.


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