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Writers Inspiring Change featured book: The Land of Now and Then: Book 3 of the Magic Islands children's series by Irene Edwards

Updated: Jun 19

Sparkle young imaginations!

'The Land Of Now And Then' is book 3 in the 'Magic Islands' series.

Step into the wonderful world of the 'Magic Islands' for the third time, as the magical, mystical, educational series continues...

Still too much of a handful, even when captive, the naughty Purple Wizards are once again exiled for their environmental crimes - this time to a mythical land which shouldn't exist, a land of extinct animals and ancient fictional beasts. A land where time has suddenly stood still, caused by the same lunar eclipse which brought them there...

Wizard Ambrosious needs help to start time up again – or half the Land of Now and Then will be in perpetual darkness, the other half perpetual light, and nothing will grow or thrive. He again needs the help of a particular group of schoolchildren, from a particular school in White Stone Town, Wales…

So, Stefan and Megan, this time with their friend Trevor, are called on once more to save the Magic Islands from climate catastrophe, by helping to find a missing magical Box of Secrets and its Golden Key. Their investigation will introduce them to a host of long-extinct animals of Planet Earth: a Gigantopithecus, a Dodo, a Parasaulophus, and the inhabitants – both terrifying and friendly – of fearsome Dinosaur Country. Join them as both they and the Purple Wizards learn all about these real and legendary creatures, finding friendship and purpose along the way – and perhaps saving the Land of Now and Then from its inevitable end…

A fun and exciting magical adventure for 8-12-year-olds, with an important environmental message…

Book 1 - A Spooky Wish

Book 2 - Chaos In The Cosmos

Book 3 - The Land Of Now And Then

About Irene Edwards

Irene Edwards is a retired teacher who now writes fantasy fiction for children. As an educator, she taught Primary level in many parts of the UK; London, Essex, Coventry, Midlands, Cardiff, Port Talbot, Swansea and Carmarthenshire. She then qualified as a Teacher of the Deaf at The Lady Spencer Churchill College, Oxford, working at first within unit settings and later moving to peripatetic, for schools and clinics. Knowing how important literature and language was to the structure of speech and language development, on retirement she began to research into the imaginary minds of children and their world of literature and writing.

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