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Writers Inspiring Change featured book: Long Lost Love: Diary of a Rambling Romeo, by Michael Chapman Pincher

Fearless Females Burn More than Bras on this Epic Voyage

Set along the Pacific Coast from Panama to Canada in the 1970s, this modern-day odyssey will keep you guessing until the end.

So, jump aboard Count Camaris's yacht for a gritty adventure where every passenger holds secrets, every cabin hides a mystery, and finding the truth becomes a race against time.

In the boat's cramped confines, the count, his indomitable wife, and three spirited daughters struggle to get home. But lurking below deck is a gullible deckhand and a ruthless first mate whose presence threatens to unravel their lives.

If you're looking for a riveting and fast-paced story with sharp and witty dialogue, 'Long Lost Love' is a must-read book that challenges gender norms and celebrates female empowerment. Its gripping scenes, complex characters, and shocking twists will intrigue and engage you.

Grab your copy of 'Long Lost Love' now and stow away into a world of betrayal, survival and love's elusive truth.


"Beautiful love story showing the dying power of love and how one can risk it all to keep the love flowing. Well written thrilling adventure through love , loyalty and treachery. I love the unexpected twist and betrayal . A great read." - Thands B.

"What a captivating tale of love and adventure. Easy to read, great pacing and plot. I enjoyed this!" - JL

"Set against the sprawling backdrop of the Pacific, 'Long Lost Love: Diary of a Rambling Romeo' offers readers an exhilarating voyage through love, loyalty, and treachery. Count Camaris and his ensemble take us on a whirlwind of emotions, expertly woven with the richness of 1975's maritime world. A masterclass in autofiction, this book is both a thrilling adventure and a deep dive into the complexities of human relationships. Unmissable!" - JoJo

About Michael Chapman Pincher

Michael's life is adventurous and creative, full of captivating stories. His books reveal an extraordinary journey of breaking norms and pursuing excitement. Expelled at 17, he worked backstage in London's West End theatre. Restless, he sailed across the Atlantic in 1975, laying the foundation for his thrilling books, acclaimed worldwide. An accomplished author, sculptor, and singer/songwriter, Michael is also a citizen scientist who campaigns against the global decline of insects due to the rapid growth of wireless technology.

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