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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: A Man's Face

Updated: May 18, 2023

A Man’s Face, by B. Roman, is a twisted murder mystery that holds you to the end. The conventional style is to show a murder, or more, and then, through police procedural investigation, find “who done it”. In this case, we see the murders unfold at the outset of the book. We know who did it, but the story that ensues shows how, fifteen years later, fate, or karma, whatever, causes the victims and the doers to cross paths once again, a confluence of coincidence that stirs up the adrenaline as one reads, wondering at what point, either side will realize who the other is and what then, will happen. No spoilers. Buckle up for an entertaining read.

About B. Roman

Since childhood, I've been torn between two worlds: writing and singing. It's difficult to serve two inspirational Muses, but I was compelled to do so. When I was not singing, I was writing; when I was not writing, I was singing. I've learned, for me, that one creative expression nurtures the other. Much of my writing has a musical theme somewhere in the plot, or is the basis for the plot.

It is natural, therefore, that my 5-book Moon Singer Series has its roots in musical theories and metaphors, entwined with the magic and mystery of metaphysical concepts and matters of ethics, faith, compassion, love, and heroism. Whether it's in my novels, non-fiction essays, in picture books and stories for children and, of course, in writing music and lyrics for songs, the profound connection between music, life, and self-identity is purposeful.

On the other side of the spectrum, my suspense novels are a departure from a higher consciousness to the mundane world of flawed humans, amoral people committing immoral crimes and eventually paying the price for their transgressions. Penning a thriller sort of grounds me and helps to clear my mind of darker thoughts so I can go back to writing empowering fantasies.

I hope you will delight in their messages just as I was delighted to write them.

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