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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Things that go bump in the night

Updated: Mar 24

One city – two killers!

A serial killer who preys on adulterers, and a supernatural shape-shifter who kills unknowingly once it becomes human again.

The city knows about the serial killer calling himself Sin Killer and leaving a weird poem on his victims. He is blamed for all the murders including the ones he does not commit. Questions arise throughout the city whether Sin Killer is also capable of cannibalism since the victims are eaten and mutilated. As the body count continues to grow, Police Captain Frank Penn is under heavy fire. He knows there is more than one killer in his city, but must keep it to himself until he solves the case. With a plate full of trouble, he tries to withstand pressure from the mayor, the FBI, a city in fear, and two killers on the loose. Plus, the knowledge of the supernatural killer is his own nephew. Frank Penn must make a decision that will change his life forever.

About Wilson Jackson

Wilson Jackson is a prolific writer. Some of his accomplishments include:

• Awarded Most Inspiring Author in the Thriller/Horror category from International Writers Inspiring Change.

• Short stories featured on Vocal Media.

• A blog about adult bullying and harassment.

• A short film produced from a short story on YouTube, as well as a song.

“I was inspired to write by my imagination of story ideas and a love for the theater, and I trusted my intuition to put it on paper. I have been writing ever since, whether scripts, novels, self-help, short stories and blogging. The message from my book, even though fictional, is you don’t have to look like a monster to be one. There is an alter ego inside every human being, and let’s hope it is more good than bad.”

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