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Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Things that go bump in the night

Updated: Mar 24

Things that go bump in the Night: Here there be Monsters, by Wilson Jackson, is a classic suspense horror thriller. We don't want to tip any cards by giving spoilers, but in short, the book kick-starts the reader into action from the very beginning when a young attorney, who is out camping with his fiancee, is attacked and bitten by some creature in the night. He survives the attack, in fact, his wounds disappear miraculously, and therein begins his bizarre double-life, one which he knows nothing about, but every day the newspapers report gruesome murders around his town and the police are desperately hunting for the serial-murderer. The dialogue in this book is as interesting as the thematic aspect of the murders themselves. One feels a sense of empathy for the young man who has no cognizance whatsoever that he is the very beast whom law enforcement is trying to catch. His "other" life, as an attorney and soon to be married man, starts to fall apart as the hidden beast within him permeates his existence. From an editorial stance we consider that overall the book is well-written, however there are a few places where the author skips a ratchet and suddenly takes the reader from one scenario to another without a lead-up or warning, and the editing style could be improved upon so that transitions from one scene to another are more evident to the reader. Aside from those aspects, the book carries itself well and it holds the reader right to the last page as one wonders, will he beat the beast or succumb to it? Lock the doors, crawl into bed and wrap yourself in the blankets and start reading... and don't be startled by bumps you may hear in the night - it's just your imagination, or is it?

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Wilson Jackson

Wilson Jackson is a prolific writer. Some of his accomplishments include:

• Awarded Most Inspiring Author in the Thriller/Horror category from International Writers Inspiring Change.

• Short stories featured on Vocal Media.

• A blog about adult bullying and harassment.

• A short film produced from a short story on YouTube, as well as a song.

“I was inspired to write by my imagination of story ideas and a love for the theater, and I trusted my intuition to put it on paper. I have been writing ever since, whether scripts, novels, self-help, short stories and blogging. The message from my book, even though fictional, is you don’t have to look like a monster to be one. There is an alter ego inside every human being, and let’s hope it is more good than bad.”

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