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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Talon - Connected, book 4 in this children's fantasy series.

Updated: Apr 8

TALON: Connected

Book 4 of the Talon children's adventure series

Thrilling drama how to overcome afflictions in a positive way.

A celebration and beauty of life with a life lesson that we are all connected as Elcano, the frail elder of the village, shares with her and because of her, the condors will be protected.

This is a powerful story with an important underlying message that “We are all connected” and that good, in the end, will overcome evil.

In Talon Connected comes forth the beauty of life where animal and human can survive the odds by working together to help each other.

With the death of a village elder, Matica comes to learn how to grieve yet celebrate life. She learns to share a special moment like her brother's birthday party without the need of expensive gifts. She also learns of the threats to humans as well as animals when the poachers come back, with the intention to kill Talon.


This is a great series. I’ve really enjoyed following Matica through each book on her adventures with the condors. - Todd Simpson

Award Winning Author Gigi Sedlmayer uses her life experiences from Germany, New Zealand, and Australia along with her very descriptive storytelling, to draw readers age 9 and up into this award-winning series. This series will make a great summer reading series, and should be in all libraries. - Editorial Review (Book Marketing Global Network).

Talon 4 is another great entry in the continuing story of Matica and her condors. This book is the most philosophical so far. I like these books where mostly I can focus on the warmth of humanity.

- Belinda T.

About Gigi Sedlmayer

Gisela (Gigi) Sedlmayer was born on 19 May 1944 in Potsdam, a suburb of Berlin in Germany.

Her family escaped to the West just before the infamous wall went up. They moved around in Germany until finally settling in Munich where Gigi studied architectural drafting and met Albert in 1965, marrying in December 1967. She worked as a civil drafts person in various private consultancies in Munich.

May 1975, Gigi and her husband moved to New Zealand. Because of language challenges, she started a handicraft business. As a speciality, she made colorful parrots of which she sold thousands in a few years.

May 1989, they became adoptive parents of twin girls from Fiji.

September 1992, they moved to Australia.

November 1993 Gigi was diagnosed with cancer. By the grace of God, she survived and seeing her husband writing the story about the adoption, she started to write short stories for competition since her English became increasingly better.

She entered them in competitions and often got very good reports back, which gave her confidence to go on writing. One day the idea for the TALON series came to her and she spent the next several years bringing the story and the characters to life.

Author full author bio HERE

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