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Writers Inspiring Change book review: A Few Casualties - so what! A Chubby Pone Novel

Updated: Mar 24

A Few Casualties - so what!

A Chubby Pone Novel

by Wilson Jackson

A Few Casualties so what - A Chubby Pone Novel, by Wilson Jackson, is a good read from start to finish. Set with the ambience of a 1930's gangster backdrop, and yet, very contemporary, the story follows Chubby Pone, a former gangster who is called upon to investigate the murder of two teens, one from each of the largest warring gang families in the city. The author has created a really fascinating character in Pone; tough, brutal, witty, a little bit funny but certainly no nonsense when faced with danger. If you enjoy witty, dialectical and very colloquial dialogues, this book has it all, because it feels like the author walked the streets of this city, spoke the street lingo, and really understood the mindset of those who exist in the shadow of crime and violence. There is good action, but more importantly, good interplay between the characters, providing insight into the criminal element at all levels - even the politicians, of course!

Definitely recommended as an enjoyable read and we look forward to seeing more in the Chubby Pone Novels.

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