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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Wilson Jackson

Updated: Apr 5

IWIC: Tell us about yourself…

Wilson: I am married with children and I am from Sumter, SC. I attended Johnson C. Smith University in Charlotte, NC I left with 56 hours left on my degree and now i work for the city.

I collect comics, but only ones that help me with my writing. I love staying in shape and believe you can have a great body at any age.

IWIC: What prompted you to become a writer? Wilson: I became a writer because I express myself better on paper than I do speaking and I always had an imaginative mind and love stories that are outside of the box. To test that vision I write science fiction and paranormal stories.

IWIC: What do readers like about your writing? Wilson: Readers like that I am not afraid to push the envelope. If you read my novels and self-help books you will see what I mean. And that should set you up for my latest project which you will find on my website.

IWIC: Is there a message weaved into your writing? Wilson: Always believe in yourself, it’s okay not to be perfect, but you can still be a good person and don’t adjust to the world, but let the world adjust to you. Never envy anybody, but be thankful for what you have and never be afraid to try because – I WOULD RATHER TRY AND FAIL THEN FAIL TO TRY.

IWIC: Is there something you are trying to inspire in others? Wilson: I would like to inspire others to find out what you can and cannot do and not let other people tell you how to live your life because if you do then you shouldn’t be alive.

IWIC: Tell us about your latest book. Wilson: I wrote my latest book, A FEW CASUALTIES SO WHAT, because I wanted to bring a different character to the science fiction genre and mystery crime noir. I wanted a hero who is not perfect, but one who is doing what he can to make up for some of the harm he has already done – for those of you who follow REPAIRMAN JACK, EASY RAWLINS, and THE DRESDEN FILES.

My website is and there are several blogs too. You will find my already published books along with my latest project on the horizon.

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