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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: T.M. Brown

Hi, I’m Tina Brown, pen name TM Brown. I was born in 1960 in Baltimore City. In my book, A Life Not My Own, I share the story of my childhood and young adult life. So, I invite you to check that out.

I’ve always been a serious person, always looking to the future. I’ve been told that I’m reserved. But that’s only until I feel that I can trust you, then I can be a chatter box. I don’t like people telling me what I can’t do. I know that with the right training, we can do just about anything. You see, I was in the US Army, where I was trained to do things that I never thought I could do.

I love to write. It’s so much fun to discover new characters and to watch the story unfold in my mind’s eye.

I have a son and a daughter, and now a grandson!

What prompted you to become a writer?

My first book started as a journal. I carried the weight of old memories and wanted to be rid of it. Then, I thought there might be others who would benefit from my experiences. Honestly, I find it difficult to understand why some of us go through so much. Maybe if we started sharing, some would be saved.

What do readers like about your writing?

My readers tell me that they love the authenticity of my stories. They love the emotional roller coaster that I take them on. They say that they connect with my characters and are often reminded of people they know.

Is there a message weaved into your writing?

I pray that as the reader closes the last page in my books, they are encouraged to embrace their dreams and make them happen. I also hope that the readers recognize that there’s a reason why people behave as they do. We must try to be more understanding.

What is it that you want to inspire in others or change in the world through your writing?

There was a time when blacks were not allowed to read, let alone write. The African American story has been watered down, twisted, and in some cases just plain wrong. I want to provide my readers with a glimpse into the lives of just a few people who tell the story of what it was like for many blacks from the post-slavery era and beyond.

Tell us about your most recent book and why you wrote it?

My most recent book is entitled, Tethered Angel. This is part 2 of Struggles of the Women Folk. Georgie (the main character in Struggles), has a daughter named Angel who is born with a veil over her eyes; giving her the gift of second sight. She can see into the future and also read minds. Born in the 1950’s in southern Virginia, Angel allows herself to be abducted by her mother’s employer. They travel the world and get into all kinds of trouble, just as Angel is coming of age.

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