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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Paul S. Bradley

Tell us about yourself …

I am originally from London, England. I have lived in Nerja, Spain for thirty odd years, where I established a marketing agency to help Spanish businesses sharpen their communications to the rapidly growing number of foreign visitors. I’ve traveled extensively around the Iberian Peninsula visiting most of the ancient cities. In the early years, I published lifestyle and property magazines, guidebooks and travelogues in English, German and Spanish. More recently, discerning groups of American and Canadian Alumni have enjoyed my tour director services. I’ve lectured about Living in Spain and bullfighting and have appeared on local radio and TV. The Andalusian Mystery Series draws on my own experiences as a voluntary translator in hospitals and police stations.

What started you on a path of writing?

Writing, other than sailing and golf, was the only subject that engaged me while locked down in a brutal military boarding school near Dover Castle. My English teacher was Chas Connell, who, when not setting the rest of the class on dozing boys, was himself a published writer. Particularly of Aphrodisiacs in your Garden which captured my imagination. Although, at that young age, I had little understanding of aphrodisiacs and anything botanical left me cold; it still does. With no desire to suffer six more years of men with dodgy mustaches screaming obscenities at my inadequate state of dress, I opted for whatever was available at the time. Selling tires, followed by ladies wigs, then office furniture. It was with great reluctance that I left all that behind to move to Spain and do what all my teachers had dismissed me as useless. To soak up languages like a sponge by doing it, and to earn my living with the pen and keep my mouth firmly shut. The weather wasn’t too shabby either.

Is there a message in your books?

I am passionate about everything Spanish. Especially, the people. They have taught me to completely change my thinking about almost everything. Consequently, I’ve become a more rounded, tolerant and forgiving individual with priorities set on helping others. I try to convey their warmth and friendliness in my writing. It’s a pleasure to live among them and share their beautiful land, gastronomy and philosophy with my readers; not to mention the best wines in the world at affordable prices.

What have readers said about your books?

Many of the five-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads mention readers’ enjoyment of my descriptions about Spain and the life here. As the main thrust of the series is unraveling a mystery, it’s a fine line to tread. I strive constantly not to overplay the history and travelogue content, or else stand accused of diluting the story or being sponsored by a hotel chain.

What inspired the book, Darkness in Malaga?

Nerja is a small but quaint fishing village on the Mediterranean coast. It’s a popular tourist resort visited by many from all over the world to enjoy the balmy all-year-round climate, intimate beaches, and hiking in the beautiful surrounding mountains. Crime here is practically unheard of, yet in 2008 a girl was murdered by her jilted lover outside the café where she worked in front of the church. The whole town was shocked rigid. It inspired me to glue myself to the keyboard and express my sorrow. From that evolved the Andalusian Mystery Series. The first book – Darkness in Malaga is dedicated to Cecilia, the murdered girl.

Do you have any upcoming release that you want to mention to readers? A sneak preview?

The second book in the series – Darkness in Ronda is set in the world of bullfighting. The third – Darkness in Velez-Malaga is in a Flamenco setting. Both are available in most online retailers in eBook and print. The fourth and climax of the current mystery is Darkness in Granada, involving Spanish Art.

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