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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Donna Lynch

Tell us about yourself, Donna…

Donna: A woman of many passions, I am, without doubt, an innate ‘Writer’. An author, poet and a song lyricist. I began writing several moons ago, when I was a kid. A very shy child, I found an alternative way to communicate. First it was letters and poetry. I also wrote daily in diaries (with locked keys) and eventually journals. After high school, I delved into banking, then real estate and lastly insurance before embarking on writing full-time, publishing my first novel, “No Regrets/The Forgiving Heart of Allyson Porteus” in 2003. Later publishing, “John’s Pond” in December 2015. Recently, I have written three Pop songs and currently collaborating on another. Writing gives me the freedom to express myself and my experiences more eloquently. A few of my pleasures, among traveling and reading, is walking in nature, weight training, Yoga and playing the piano. I also enjoy my daughter’s beautiful yellow lab named “Angel” who I care for while she works. I live on a beautiful peninsula called Cape Cod, where I have resided nearly all my life, with my husband, Bob. I have two grown children who have been the heart of my existence.

IWIC: What do readers like about your writing? Donna: I think readers like that I keep the chapters short, that way if they are busy they can easily complete at least one chapter. I make captivating characters with intriguing scenes at a quick pace, a page turner.

IWIC: Is there a message weaved into your books? Donna: Yes. We all bleed the same color. Open your heart and let’s be at peace with one another. Imagine how boring it would be if we all looked, acted and believed the same way. Fortunately, we are as different and unique as a beautiful snowflake, making life so interesting. And that’s why we travel to see other cities and beautiful lands, we want to see how others live. We don’t have to like or approve one’s ways or beliefs, but we can still be kind to one another.

IWIC: Tell us about your most recent book and why you wrote it. Donna: I wrote this to show another scenario other than the prejudice of one’s color. My recent novel begins in the fall of 1976 and ends in the summer of 1977 when the Wampanoag Tribe unsuccessfully sued the town of Mashpee for their tribal lands in Boston Federal Court. The plot was inspired by my daughter’s experiences that similarly mocked my own, growing up in a small community. When my daughter was in middle school, she began befriending classmates from different countries. Shy, at times, she wouldn’t hesitate to speak her mind and defend those who were being ridiculed or belittled. She witnessed the ignorance of many, her own family included, freely calling them racists, prejudice and judgmental. “John’s Pond” is the story of Tobin Horvarth, a young member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, who dates high school senior Laurie Matthews. When the story begins, we see that Laurie is sensitive to her classmates’ jokes about Native American classmates. Because of this they taunt her, calling her an ‘Indian Lover.’ While Tobin’s conflicts with the local police escalate, through no fault of his own, Laurie’s mother throws down roadblocks to the budding romance—a relationship that makes life more difficult for both Tobin and Laurie. Finally, in a dramatic moment, Laurie learns about long-hidden family secrets as the book reaches its climax. I wrote this to show – another scenario – other than the prejudice of one’s color – no need to hate or judge because you don’t understand others.

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