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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Cynthia Lee De Boer

My name is Cynthia L De Boer and I‘m a freelance writer living in Nevada. I am also a mother, grandmother and wife to the man of my dreams. Colorado is the place of my birth in the year 1960. Just a few short weeks after my birth health issues consumed my life and have played a part in it to this day. These challenges along with life and varied work experiences have given me the opportunity to gain compassion and understanding of others and myself. My mother always said I was mature beyond my years, so in her words, “…was never really was a kid!” Listening to an elderly person’s story of a time in their life was always more appealing than playing with children my own age. Their stories of times long gone was far more interesting and rewarding than anything my peers had to offer. Being a bit of a loner and observing life enabled me to use this knowledge to create worlds with words

What prompted you to become a writer? Writing has been a life-long passion and at times an escape from the harsh realities of living. Even sleep cannot contain the stories and thoughts of my mind as I often wake in the middle of the night racing for a pen. My eighth-grade teacher, Mrs. Hauser, awarded me the Honor’s English Medal and it is one of my most prized accomplishments. She was tough but fair and I was honored to have such an amazing woman for a mentor. Inspiration for writing has also come from several sources including books, other teachers, seminars, writer’s groups and fellow authors. Above all, I know it’s how I’m intended to help others; it’s my purpose—my reason for being.

What do readers like about your writing? Depending on the subject matter, I’ve been told my stories are fun, with great imagery, entertaining and informative. In regards to my book, readers say my writing is honest, gripping and inspiring. I always write with the intention to entertain and/or help others understand. I feel it is the one thing most people truly need. They want to be understood and to understand what is going on in their lives. Knowledge is the only way understanding can exist.

Is there a message weaved into your writing? My writing serves many purposes depending on the subject matter. When the work is for entertainment, my message is fun and I hope my reader leaves with a smile. When it’s informational, my message is knowledge about the subject matter and I hope they leave a bit wiser than before. When it is a personal story, I hope they leave with more understanding and compassion. Most of all, my greatest desire is to inspire them to succeed on life’s journey. The need to serve my love of writing and share messages from others, prompted me to create a story blog in March 2013, This site showcases short fictional and non-fictional stories written by an array of authors as well as my own work. I am proud that I’ve given these talented people and their words a platform to be seen and enjoyed. What is it that you want to inspire in others or change in the world through your writing? I want the taboo subject of prosthetic eyes to be brought into the light of awareness and acceptance. Since it is said that, “The eyes are the windows to the soul”, isn’t it logical that we should have compassion and understanding for how devastating the loss of this precious organ truly is?

Tell us about your recent book and why you wrote it? Me, Myself and Eye” is an informational mini-memoir about the realities of living with a prosthetic eye. It is the blending and acceptance of ME, the physical body, MYSELF, the emotional mind and, Eye, the prosthesis…into a complete and healthy being. According to “The Society for the Prevention of Blindness” between ten and twelve thousand people lose an eye every year in the US. The need for this uncommonly found information is vital. My book will also benefit those suffering with other types of loss and is helpful to their friends and family. Doctors, ocularists, psychologists, educators and people from various walks of life have endorsed this book. It is 104 pages in length and is printed in 16-point font, making it an easier read for those with limited vision. My goal is to reach as many people as possible in order to let them know they are not alone and to give them the knowledge it has taken me decades to discover. A loss and/or a disability can cripple you or give you the gifts of compassion and understanding you would never truly know without the experience.

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