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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: B. Roman

Updated: May 23, 2023

International Writers Inspiring Change: Tell us about yourself.

Like many writers my background is somewhat eclectic. I began performing as a jazz/pop vocalist while still a teenager and continue performing a concert or two each year. Through the years I was always writing in one form or another – be it poetry, essays and songs. I studied Communications in college and my jobs have been in journalism, marketing, promotion and feature writing for newspapers and magazines. All of this intertwined with writing about music, then into children’s stories, then novels. I don’t really have “hobbies” – more like varied interests: reading, movies, tap dancing, singing, politics. At 78, I’m still a rock ‘n roller! Love that music. (My current favorite: “Bohemian Rhapsody” – the movie soundtrack).

International Writers Inspiring Change: Tell us who or what inspired you to start writing.

So many things inspire me. A title, a vision, a muse tapping me on the shoulder. The Moon Singer series (a trilogy and a prequel) was inspired by a very special crystal I found at a crystal party years ago. It is called a “singer” and shaped like a miniature boat, ergo “The Crystal Clipper” (Book I) was born – about a mystical clipper ship that contains all the knowledge of the universe and traverses time and space. The added important element was making my main character a deaf teen because his “gift” is that he is able to hear in these fantasy worlds and bring this knowledge home with him to create miracles for everyone he loves. “Whatever Became of Sin?” – a suspense thriller – grew from just a little newspaper clipping about a “passenger in 7f” that started my wheels turning about a murder mystery: what if passengers switched seats and one is murdered, but by mistake! The “why” burgeoned into this complex thriller about a baby-switching scheme, political corruption, and racial bigotry. My children’s stories are purely divine creations, given to me by that mysterious force beyond our human comprehension. They just flowed easily and quickly. “Alicia and the Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13” blossomed from an essay I wrote years ago (now posted on my Goodreads page) called “Reaching for the White Light” where I compared people to Light Bulbs and how their personalities inspire or hinder us in our relationships. It is probably my favorite story, about friendship and the courage to realize your star potential through the magic of believing. “Hubert in Heaven – a hit-tech angels gets his wings” is my most prescient creation, actually written years before there were hand-held computers, holograms or even video games. A hologram in a video game (Hubert) is accidentally booted to Heaven where he must earn his angel wings by performing Heavenly tasks – without using his little computer – with disastrously delightful results.

International Writers Inspiring Change: Is there a message in your books?

No matter the genre I write in, my books always revolve around ethical issues, courage, compassion, selfless sacrifice, good versus evil. I also look for the higher inspiration that we can all tune into, to make our lives meaningful and give us hope and motivation. All my characters undergo a transformative experience that changes their lives in monumental ways. Writing, for me, is all about contributing something positive to this life – and to my readers.

International Writers Inspiring Change: What have readers said about your books?

I am so pleased with the quality of the reviews I have received (believe me, reviews are very hard to get in great quantity). Hearing that I am a “master storyteller” as one reviewer said about “Whatever Became of Sin?” and that my metaphysical series and children’s books have many important messages that children and adults can learn from, all wrapped in stories that they believe are well-told and expertly crafted. To also read that my stories inspire people to view their own lives anew, is such an amazing compliment.

International Writers Inspiring Change: Tell us about your book.

My new release – “A Man’s Face” is another suspense fiction with the wine industry as a backdrop to murder, scandal and lots of juicy surprises. While I love writing metaphysical fantasies, I like having a suspense story in the works to create a balance, to ground me into the conflicts and travesties of real life – and of course, weave a morality tale as well. One genre seems to nurture the other for some reason that I can’t truly explain. So far, the book is receiving very exciting review comments.

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