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Writers Inspiring Change book review: Talon: Flight for Life

Updated: Mar 24


Book 3 of the Talon children's adventure series

Talon - Flight for Life, Book 3 in this children's fantasy adventure series, is a wonderful tale for children and adults alike. This is an adventure from start to finish, the continuing story of Matica, a young girl living in Peru, and her friend, Talon, a Condor - a friendship that makes young Matica the talk of not only the village where she lives, but as she soon discovers in this adventure, the nation. In this story, Matica and her father take a trip to the "big city", traversing the varied terrain, through jungles and more. The author does a splendid job of painting a lucid and colorful picture of this beautiful landscape. Their journey is not without incident however, as the terrain offers up challenges and much more. This is an entertaining story, and one that educates the reader on both the beauty and visceral brutality of Nature. I highly recommend this series for kids, and adults.

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