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Feature book: Talon: Flight for Life

Updated: Mar 24


Book 3 of the Talon children's adventure series

Thrilling drama and fascinating journey and adventure with Matica and her father. Will Talon rescue them? Matica, a handicapped girl, and her father embark on a journey of adventur, to the next bigger town, to buy more supplies and the air tickets for their holiday. Spider monkeys, pumas, chameleon, critters and even bugs all enrich this lively adventurous story, not least of which is the ultimate test of courage when her father is bitten by a poisonous spider on their way home. Not knowing what to do, Matica calls to her condors for help. The wait until they arrive is the hardest thing she has ever had to endure. Journey with Matica through her adventures, laughter and tears. Enjoy the feeling of friendship, love and camaraderie between Matica and her condors, Talon, Tamo and Tima.


"Author, Gigi Sedlmayer’s third book in the Talon series, “Flight for Life” is a great read on its own!"

- Jacqueline M Piepenhagen

"Gigi Sedelmayer has created a unique and educational series, which I recommend for all young readers... also, adults who love animals would enjoy this book."

- Anne H

"A wonderfully entertaining story." - Todd Simpson

"This book, Talon, Fight for Life, teaches me an important lesson: having a handicap may at first seem to hinder you, until you find a passion in your heart, something that drives you in inventive ways to overcome your difficulty."

- Uvi Poznansky

About Gigi Sedlmayer

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