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Writers Inspiring Change featured books: Dark Eagles Rising: The Eagle Quartet, by Carole McEntee-Taylor

An excellent period historical fiction series!

Tensions are rising in Europe. But it's not only Italy standing between Austria and the Nazis.


Samuel and Ramon are determined to save Austria from a Nazi coup when help comes from an unexpected ally.


While secrets are beginning to unravel with drastic consequences, years of indoctrination have poisoned Siegfried. Having joined the SS he begins a journey into darkness, but he's not the only one who has been brainwashed.


Lucrecia and Eddie find themselves learning new skills for a dangerous job while Anastasia is drawn into a web of lies which puts her life at risk. Tara finds love but secrets from the past threaten to destroy her future.


When the worst happens, Max finds help from an unexpected source. He has no idea that the decision he is about to make will come back to haunt him and eventually change the course of the world.

Sleeping Eagles

The 3rd book in this series, set in the US, UK and Australia during the 1920s and 1930s, is coming.

Watch for it.

About Carole McEntee-Taylor

I write and publish military history, historical fiction and military memoirs and to date have written over 40 books, please see website for more details. I am also a ghost writer of novels, memoirs, spiritual books and various other nonfiction.

My military history books are all published by Pen & Sword.

I worked at the Military Corrective Training Centre (MCTC)in Colchester, Essex for nine years but have now moved to the beautiful countryside of North Lincolnshire with my husband David and write full time.

I have quite wide ranging interests and together with my husband David I have also written two spiritual books, The Re-Enlightenment and The Holiday from Hell.

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