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Welcome to International Writers Inspiring Change (iWIC)

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We see every writer as a catalyst for change, because their words, rippling down the corridors of time, inspire new ideas and new visions in the minds of readers - thus our name -

 International Writers Inspiring Change or iWIC.

Whatever genre you write in, you create a lens, an escape hatch to another dimension, where readers can experience different realities, envision their dreams, and maybe even touch the "impossible".

Since 2016 International Writers Inspiring Change or iWIC 

has provided its Feature Book Promotion to writers from around the globe. 

An exceptional service which promotes your book(s) through multiple features, including a book review, designed to put you and your books in front of more readers at a price that won't break the bank.

​Read more about our service at:

Featured Books

Author Feedback

Book Catalogue

Book Reels

Author Gallery

Author Shout-out

Get a Feature

What is the Feature Book Promotion?

  • We create a Feature Book Promotion at Featured Books which spotlights you, the author, and what inspired your book and writing, as well as your author bio. The feature includes a cover image of your book, book description, notable reviews, a customized book trailer which we create, links to book retailers such as,,, and (providing your book is listed with those retailers) and we do a book review of your book.

  • We splash your Feature Book Promotion and book review to thousands of our followers/readers through our social media channels, and we do it often. 

  • Your book is placed in our Book Catalogue so that readers browsing our site can see it there and this links straight back to your Feature Promotion, book review, and/or purchase page (most notably

  • We proudly place you in the International Writers Inspiring Change Author Gallery.

  • We place our customized book trailer of your book(s) at Book Reels and at the International Writers Inspiring Change YouTube channel.

  • Authors we feature can send us news about their book(s) such as media, interviews, book signings, etc., and we will post these to Book News at no cost. 

  • Authors we feature can send us video or audio clips of them reading portions of their books and we will post these to our Author Shout-out where readers can visit and listen to your readings.

 $19.99 (tax included)

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