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Welcome to International Writers Inspiring Change (iWIC)

iWIC or International Writers Inspiring Change, since its launch in 2016, has featured and reviewed hundreds of books and authors from around the world.

Our mission is, and remains, to increase literacy and reading by putting authors and their books in front of thousands of potential readers.

We do this through our unique Feature Book Spotlight service which includes a bonus book review with every service we give, and we offer authors the opportunity to list and sell their books in our store.

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What is the Feature Book Spotlight?

A full page article which is posted to our Featured Books page and remains there permanently, where we spotlight you, the author and your book(s). This service includes a book review by one of our avid reviewers. We promote the Feature and the book review to thousands of followers & readers and we do it often.

Regular price $16.95 (plus tax).

End of year special price $13.49 (plus tax)

Offer valid until 1 Jan 2024

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Authors - list your eBooks for sale in our store.
Find out how.
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