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Writers Inspiring Change featured book review: Long Lost Love: Diary of a Rambling Romeo, by Michael Chapman Pincher

A fascinating memoir that captivates one to the very end.

Long Lost Love: Diary of a Rambling Romeo, is a fascinating memoir that captivates one to the end. This story will resonate with most anyone who has ever had adventures in their lifetime, and even if not, the story will spark your intrepid side. It is a beautifully written and engaging narrative, a memoir, which touches one on many levels. The next segment of Mick's adventure as he freewheels his way from England, to the Med, across the Atlantic and into the Pacific, a hitchhiking adventure aboard small schooners and sequel to Long Lost Log: Diary of a Virgin Sailor, combines all the elements of an intriguing tale as the young Englishman, Mick, jumps aboard with the Count, a Viennese expat, his wife and three lovely daughters, on their yacht headed from the Caribbean to the west coast of Canada. There is a perfect balance of the elements which make for an entertaining, yet profound read, as Mick, challenged as most young adults are, to navigate the waters of life as he learns the trade of sailing and being a temp deckhand for the Count and his family. There are twists and turns in this story that will surprise you. Moreover, Pincher does a splendid job of drawing the reader into the world of sailing, lucidly and colorfully detailing the dangers which lurk in the open seas, in ports, the thievery, and that one thread, most powerful of all, the hint of romance and love which draws us to the very last word in this story. This is a story that will stick with you, remind you, possibly, of your own youthful escapades, but without a doubt, one that will remind you of just how fun life can be when you cast off all moorings and let the wind pick up your sails to unseen and unknowable adventures ahead.

Reviewed by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Michael Chapman Pincher

Michael's life is adventurous and creative, full of captivating stories. His books reveal an extraordinary journey of breaking norms and pursuing excitement. Expelled at 17, he worked backstage in London's West End theatre. Restless, he sailed across the Atlantic in 1975, laying the foundation for his thrilling books, acclaimed worldwide. An accomplished author, sculptor, and singer/songwriter, Michael is also a citizen scientist who campaigns against the global decline of insects due to the rapid growth of wireless technology.

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