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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: Where the Campaign Ends

WHERE THE CAMPAIGN ENDS by J.P. Dalton is a different story, one about a person’s struggle with issues doing the things they love and a company they built over many years. Caught up in the intricacies of a business that leaves little time to enjoy life leads to making some tough choices. Quite a journey and the struggles encountered along the way about what is important. An interesting love story.

About J.P. Dalton

J.P. Dalton was born in Southern California and grew up in the Phoenix area. He started writing when he was 16 and has amassed bylines in more than two dozen newspapers and magazines. His first novel, "Where the Campaign Ends," is literary fiction with a romantic twist set in two of Jonathan's favorite places - Phoenix and Del Mar, California.

He's currently working on his next novel.

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