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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: The Immortal Rose Wyndham: The Beginning

Updated: Feb 10

The Immortal Rose Wyndham: The Beginning, by B. Roman

The Immortal Rose Wyndham: The Beginning (The Moon Singer Book 4) by B. Roman. While this story is categorized as an historical fantasy, I would challenge that as somewhat marginalizing - it's more than that. The story doesn't read like a typical fantasy, in fact, despite the "fantastical" aspect of the Rose Crystal which imparts special powers to the holder, the rest of the story is a fascinating historical ride across a time span of 250 years. It begins with Grace Moreau, who, as a young lady coming of age, receives a crystal from her father as a gift. The father is told by the man who gave it to him as payment for a debt owed, that the crystal gives the holder immortality and other powers of healing, but there's a catch; they can never become romantically involved with anyone, not ever, or the power of the crystal ceases. We live through lifetimes of events as Grace Moreau and later, her daughter, Rose Wyndham, take the reader through twists and turns, romance and "almost" romance, and considerable real-life drama threaded in this well-written story. We see through the eyes of these two women, what life and the world looks like, moreover, what it feels like to cheat death. It leaves one pondering this question: is immortality, on a purely human level, actually a desirable thing, or is it a curse? Read the book - it's a good one.

- IWIC reviewer

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