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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: This is Your Shifting Season

Updated: Mar 24


Have you ever found yourself in a tough life situation and couldn’t find a way to get out of it?

Have you ever wondered what your true capabilities are and how to reveal your full potential?

Or maybe, you are seeking a tool that would boost up your motivation and teach you valuable life lessons?

“THIS IS YOUR SHIFTING SEASON” – a book that is going to change your perception about your true inner power, teach you valuable life lessons and show what is possible with dedication and the right strategies.

We all had good and bad times in our life, we all made mistakes, and we all have regrets. And it doesn’t matter what those times, mistakes or regrets are. If you are still living on this planet, you have the right to get better and move forward, just like I did.

Being lost for about 22 years, I finally found my life path, discovered strategies and rules that led me out of the very bottom of my life. Years spent in and out jails, drug and alcohol addictions are now my past. I even managed to get them out of my brain. After so many years of darkness, I decided to dedicate my life to help others to find their own life path.

Here is just a short brief of what you are going to learn:

How to find your purpose in life?

RULES OF MANUAL TRANSMISSION – learn how to accelerate your life

Find your real destination. What is truly important?

The best way to start your SHIFTING SEASON

What is your real potential – a self-identification guide

Much much more…

And it doesn’t matter whether you believe in God or not, you are 20 years old or 60 years old, male or female, the strategies and rule inside this book will help you as much as it helped others.

Now it is your turn to make a decision, to take the first step, and turn on your unlimited life engine.

Reader feedback

‘… a wonderful book full of wisdom! Michael L. Williams, Jr. is a master at cross pollination of ideas; (teaching rich lessons through using examples that are easy to understand). Modern-day parables!’ – D.V.

About Michael L. Williams Jr.

Michael Mickey Williams Jr. is one of the most sought-after preachers when it comes to recovering from drug abuse and a criminal lifestyle. On the mission to change the lives of struggling ones, Michael himself has been through the struggle of recovering from substance addiction. His exceptional speeches and inspirational journey from an addict to preacher helps millions of individuals to bring extraordinary changes in their lifestyle.

Michael’s preaching and words of wisdom empower people to take the tough, yet rewarding route to recovery. As many describe, his style of preaching touches the hearts and souls accrediting his personal experience and convincing skills.

As a father of seven and granddad of four, Michael’s speeches and manuscripts are making a difference in the lives of struggling individuals. Verbalized with passion and inked with compassion, Michael is a real powerhouse of inspiration and motivation for those looking for a way out from drug addiction and/or a criminal lifestyle.

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