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Writers Inspiring Change Feature Book Review: Long Lost Log

Updated: Jun 6

Long Lost Log is entirely based on the memoir kept by the author, when, in 1974, more or less broke and homeless, he gets the opportunity to jump aboard a small boat being captained by a WWII veteran, who has decided to sail across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. Pincher, then a young man, fearless and a free-wheeler, never having sailed before, dives in. The adventures that follow are not what you would expect. Then again, this is the 1970s, a time of cultural revolution, the anti-Establishment movement, the new-age-thinkers - and Michael Pincher, details with colorful and well-written prose, his thoughts and feelings and encounters as they sail down the European coast, eventually setting out across the Atlantic. This is a romping adventure; salted with sexual escapades, weed, and all the things that a young man who is still coming of age, might encounter. It's an excellent read - fun - casual - and simply enticing. Recommended.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Michael Pincher

The son of Chapman Pincher, the famous investigative journalist, Michael left school at 17 to work as a stagehand in London’s West End theatre. Disenchanted, he ran away to sea and adventures in the Middle East. Finally settling down to married life, he worked in computing as a pathfinder in the early phases of the internet and social media. Now semi-retired he is an author, sculptor, singer/songwriter and Citizen Scientist – campaigning about the decline of insects.

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