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Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night

Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night, by Remy Blue, is a story that follows the bizzare happenings in a small town in Maine, where the protagonist, David Cummings, suddenly finds himself pitted against a demoness, a banshee, who forces him into a pact. David is obliged to do things he would never consider, horrible things, and meanwhile, as his life spins out of control, he falls in love with a woman who becomes the counter-balance, the one thing that prevents him from going completely over the edge. The book has a lot of descriptive imagery, and and it follows an interesting plot-line (no spoilers), as this small town suddenly finds itself caught in a maelstrom of murder and intrigue, none of which makes any sense, except to David himself. The author puts an imaginative spin on this story, generously spiced with fantasy, horror, eroticism and the paranormal. The composition and constant switching in tense, could stand an edit, as there are times when it lacks fluidity and this distracts the reader, but if one can see past this aspect, there is still a story there to be enjoyed - and because of this we gave it a three star rating.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Remy Blue

Today we interview author, Lofna Dabria Cole, who goes by the pen-name Remy Blue. She has just released her book Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night.

IWIC: Tell us about yourself. Remy Blue: Greetings, I am Lofn Dabria Cole but my pen name is Remy Blue. As Remy Blue, I write fantasy, science fiction, horror, romance, paranormal and erotica. I live in California and have an upbeat personality. I love cartoons, anime, magna, tri-pop music and going on hikes. I like to be healthy and green-friendly. I love to be in nature and find the beauty of simplistic things. I am inspired by many things that catch my eye. I like to think outside the box or boxes. I like being strange and unusual. I have a background in English from Ashford University. I work as a freelance writer. My daily life is creating and writing for other people per say. I engage in social media quite a bit and like to stay on top of things. I have a go-getter personality and do my best to understand what is and isn’t.

IWIC: What prompted you to become a writer? Remy Blue: What prompted me to become a writer is based on instinct. I have always been a storyteller ever since I could remember. I began oral storytelling at a young age and by the time I could learn to write, I began writing. I can’t remember a day when I didn’t feel like I wanted to create a story or play it out.

IWIC: What do readers like about your writing? Remy Blue: First, it is because of the mystical, mystery, fantasy, character and plot driven aspects. Secondly, my writing reflects the mythology, mysticism, worldly view from different cultures, set in the present time of what people are going through now. Third, it leaves the reader wanting more, as I enjoy putting twists, thrills, suspense and good sensual scenes into the writing.

IWIC: Is there a message weaved into your writing? Remy Blue: That is a good question because there is a message. I always weave multi-dimensional messages. I have a way in my writing where someone can see different messages. That alone shows that everyone’s perception is different. I can’t express what message people will pick up from my work because it could be anything.

IWIC: What is it that you want to inspire in others or change in the world through your writing?

Remy Blue: I want to inspire change. I show that through the stories I write which portray the myths, legends, folktales, and help to bring out old reflections of cultures and societies, and an appeal through history and belief. I want to inspire and change what the norm is and make the unusual be seen as beautiful. I want to strike what is not seen and known. I want people to march to their own beat.

IWIC: Tell us about your most recent book and why you wrote it? Remy Blue: My recent book, Damaged Waters: Shadows by Night, is an erotic-romance-paranormal-horror – the first book in the series. The book is set in Maine and surrounds a fisherman who finds himself suddenly encountering a supernatural being, one which conflicts with his daily life. He soon discovers love and the secrets of the town come underway as this creature begins to affect it as well. This is a romance, where love is found and must now be protected at all costs – but a secret nonetheless which could either further their love or destroy it. I wrote this book because I was inspired by a few stories and movies from my childhood. One movie such as, “Tales from the Darkside,” had a profound effect on me. I also drew from the animated series “Gargoyles.” I wanted to weave something with love that took over the capability of a person and defined who they were when stripped of all morality and decency. I wanted to challenge myself to showcase a different side of the human condition and flourish this embodiment as another staple of love. I enjoyed writing this story because I have a love for mythology and mysticism. This story is a collaboration of unity that comes from the mind and aspects of the past.

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