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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Millie Mae Speaks Up To A Bully Today

Updated: Mar 24

Millie Mae Speaks Up To A Bully Today, by Roxann Biesack, is an enchanting story that captures a child's attention while giving them the tools they need to speak up to a bully. Readers identify with Millie Mae and root for her as she is repeatedly getting bullied at school. Millie shows all the typical emotions from being bullied, confusion, shame and anger. Readers are delighted when she finally confides in her friend, Squeaky the tree frog. Sitting in a tree together, Squeaky comically teaches Millie how to speak up to the bully. The next day Squeaky sneaks into Millie's pocket and goes to school with her. Throughout the day, Squeaky whispers encouragement to Millie Mae. You will not believe what happens next on the playground and how Millie Mae finds her voice and speaks up for herself. In this book the reader is encouraged to be an upstander when seeing someone being bullied. This story also shows that the bully is not a bad child but someone who may be sad or has also been bullied.

"I would recommend this book to anyone - and certainly for children who will probably cross paths with a bully at some point in their lives." - Réal Laplaine

"A story a child can relate to and learn from in a very nice way. Helpful and interesting, enjoyable yet practical." - Elaine

About Roxann Biesack

As a young teenager, I observed the struggles of intellectually challenged students in school. This led me to volunteering at a state institution for challenged children and adults and soon a much enjoyed job there. When my own four children were young, I owned and ran a daycare, which added to my interest in the welfare of all children. Through these experiences I observed how being bullied affected children, and sadly, how the experience stayed with them, affecting their choices in life. This prompted me to write my book, "Millie Mae Speaks Up To A Bully Today". Presently, our children are grown and my husband, Paul and I have 6 grandchildren. we live in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

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