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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: FAITH

Updated: Mar 24

In the 1970's three young girls become best friends when they are drawn into a fundamentalist church which promises them safety, love and salvation. They discover that membership comes with a price when they must forsake their families and give up all that is important to them. This is the story of their spiritual journey through several years in this group and the experiences that challenge their endurance and their faith.


The events recounted in this book ring so true of this authoritarian movement where the powerful people in control seem to be severely lacking in empathy towards the very people who actually provide the money and the muscle for the entire enterprise---the hardworking, dedicated "common" people. In fact, the aristocracy in this movement seemed to glory in sticking it to those below them, whether it be evangelists over ministers, ministers over deacons, or husbands over wives. - J. Eubanks

About Mary Ellen Humphrey

With a masters in education, and a specialty to teach writing, I’ve worked for many years on my various books. Some are fiction, and some nonfiction. For me, as an author, I have to see the story, the completed book, in my mind’s eye before I can actually sit down and compose it. Drafts are written and rewritten and reviewed and revised, until it feels done. Stories are everywhere. I started writing when I first learned how to form letters and words. For the last fifteen years I’ve used the exercise of NANOWRIMO to experiment with new writing projects. Several of my books are the results of this effort. In addition, my passion is helping others with their writing projects, and have sponsored student publishing workshops for middle and high schoolers to write, revise, edit, design the book content and cover, and produce an anthology. It inspires youngsters to love reading and writing, and all without pressure or criticism.

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