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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Cosmos End

Cosmos End is a story that begins on Earth in the year 2024 and concludes at the very end of the universe. Robert Moth was born with a special gift, or was it a curse? As his abilities become noticed Robert becomes a target for the rich and powerful who also desire his ‘gift’ and they do not care who they have to destroy in order to obtain it.

Robert survives these unwanted attentions and then leads humanity through the eons towards Cosmos End and their final destiny. It is not always an easy journey and at times the entire race are faced with total destruction and extinction.

Hindered by the destruction of life on planet Earth humanity is forced to learn fast and adapt to a very uncertain future. The struggle begins and eventually the eons begin to pass.

Haunted by the eventual loss of his first newborn son Robert must somehow hold the entire human race together as the rest of the universe begins to age and slowly die. The journey is long as billions of years pass and at times it is difficult, but can they make it? Can humanity see the challenge through to the very end?

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