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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Ascending

A ghost in the house – a young Canadian widow forced to choose between the living and the dead. Will she prove strong enough to let go of the manacles of obsession? Scarlett Kane and her son Troy, battle paranormal elements in this vintage 1970s story of the supernatural. Her late husband Michael’s head was crushed in a horrific motorbike accident in June 1971. Ten years later a resolution defies the bonds of heaven and earth. An incredible secret releases her from the inconceivable burden of her past. A sometimes violent almost steampunk story of first love and redemption.

About Kenna McKinnon

Kenna McKinnon is the author of The Insanity Machine, a memoir with co-author Austin Mardon, PhD, CM; Blood Sister (a quirky mystery); Timothie Hill and the Cloak of Power; and Ascending. Her books are available in eBook and print worldwide on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and in selected local bookstores and public libraries. Blood Sister will soon be available in Audiobook. She is the owner of Kenna McKinnon & Associates, a medical / academic transcription service since 1999! Kenna’s interests include physical and mental fitness and health, volunteering, reading, writing, music, movies, cooking, and entertaining. She lives in Canada. Her most memorable years were spent at the University of Alberta, where she graduated with Distinction with a degree in Anthropology. Writing is not a means to fame and fortune, but a personal passion!

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