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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Michael L. Williams Jr.

Updated: Apr 5

Michael Mickey Williams Jr. is one of the most sought-after preachers when it comes to recovering from drug abuse and a criminal lifestyle. On the mission to change the lives of struggling ones, Michael himself has been through the struggle of recovering from substance addiction. His exceptional speeches and inspirational journey from an addict to preacher helps millions of individuals to bring extraordinary changes in their lifestyle.

Michael’s preaching and words of wisdom empower people to take the tough, yet rewarding route to recovery. As many describe, his style of preaching touches the hearts and souls accrediting his personal experience and convincing skills.

As a father of seven and granddad of four, Michael’s speeches and manuscripts are making a difference in the lives of struggling individuals. Verbalized with passion and inked with compassion, Michael is a real powerhouse of inspiration and motivation for those looking for a way out from drug addiction and/or a criminal lifestyle.

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