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Writers Inspiring Change feature author: Else Byskov author of The Downfall of Marriage

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

IWIC: Tell us about you. Else: For 22 years I have studied the cosmology or spiritual science of Martinus, the Danish mystic. It is the most complete and logical revelation of spiritual wisdom ever to have been revealed to humankind. To date I have written 6 books in English about this amazing material.

IWIC: What inspired your writing? Else: The Martinus material, consisting of 9000 pages and 100 symbols, inspired me to become a writer. It is also called The Third Testament, but it not to be the basis for a new religion, it is to be the basis for a merger of science and spirituality. It is completely logical and it appeals to our intellect. It is spiritual nourishment for us, living in a modern society with a scientific outlook.

IWIC: Is there a message in your books? Else: Yes, I want to tell the world that death is an illusion (the title of my first book), that reincarnation is much more than a religious belief, that there is a loving master plan with the universe, that we are eternal beings, that we reap what we sow and much more.

IWIC. Tell us about your book. Else: My book, The Downfall of Marriage – The Great Transformation of our Sexual and Marital Relations, explains the real reason why we have trouble in our marriages, why the divorce rates are rising and why homosexuality is on the rise. It is the first book to be released in English about the transformation of our sexual poles and it explains so much. It reveals a completely new way of looking at relationships and it is a must read for anybody struggling to stay in a marriage, to be single or to want to enter a same-sex relationship.

The Downfall of Marriage, by Else Byskov, might at first, sound like another book about the pitfalls of marriage, however, this one presents a much grander scope on life and existence than one might expect. The author premises most of her material on the works of a Danish author and philosopher by the name of Martinus Thomsen, and while some of the statements made are moot, depending on one's viewpoint about life, religion and God, there can be no arguing that the author has done an excellent job of presenting a broader picture about existence, about our immortal soul and our connection to a higher cosmic state. In so many ways, Byskov elaborates that we are not humans having a spiritual awakening, but rather, that we are spirits using the human state as a stepping stone toward achieving higher consciousness. So, while she tackles the subject of relationships, sex and marriage, and provides some very eye-opening material to chew on, she also presents a perspective on the master-plan, that is, our state of existence which transcends the countless lives we have lived in the past, and shows that every experience, good or "bad", has been part of our chosen path, one that is leading us away from "cosmic ignorance" (war, hatred, racism, greed etc.) and moving us toward achieving true universal consciousness and love. It's a good book, well-worth reading, and even if you do hit some bumps along the way that may challenge your perception or existing beliefs, read it to the end. There are gems to be found, and, you might even gain some insight on how to better navigate the sometimes stormy seas of sex and marriage.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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