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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: Assassins: A Nostraterra Fantasy Novel

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

A dark fantasy adventure

Assassins: A Nostraterra Fantasy Novel (The Fourth Age - Shadow Wars Book 1) by David Pauly, is an intricate land of fantasy, action, adventure, intrigue – thick with traitorous plots and danger lurking in the shadows – in fact, Shadow hunters do lurk in the shadows, and when they strike, they are lethal. This book has it all; men, elves and dwarves, magic and poison all in one. To attempt to describe the plot would require paragraphs, so, for fantasy lovers, you will simply have to dive in and lose yourself in another world and let your imagination take over in this colorfully detailed narrative, the first book in the series.

About David Pauly

Hailing from suburban Chicago, David Pauly attended the same high school where they filmed the 80’s classics, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, 16 Candles, and the Breakfast Club. College at UW-Madison was awesome, and after law school, David relocated to sunny New Mexico. Practicing in the Land of Enchantment, David loved the Turquoise skies and spicy food, but was always drawn back to his childhood refuge of Fantasy Fiction. Voraciously reading Fantasy and Sci/Fi books like Lord of the Rings, Chronicles of Narnia, and Dune, David always wondered what would have happened after these stories ended. So, one snowy night he let his imagination run free and began typing a few sentences of what would eventually become an epic fantasy novel. Ten years later after countless re-writes and edits, begging family and friends to re-read it all, David published his first novel, The Fourth Age Shadow Wars. Currently busy with his law practice, and precocious 5 year old, David writes the sequel to Shadow Wars, Dark Shaman when he has time. Dreaming of having more time to write and cook, David soon hopes to put away his legal shingle for good, never having to answer the most frequent question asked by his clients “Am I going to Jail again?” with the response, “Yes, yes you are.”

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