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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: The Prodigal Daughter

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

The Prodigal Daughter is the sequel to The Governor’s Daughter, a dystopian novel about a future America, where fundamentalism, religion and old-world values turn a nation into a war zone. Emma, the daughter of the most powerful man in the nation, in the first book, The Governor’s Daughter, finds herself caught between two camps, and when she finally decides what side she is on, and who she truly loves, the stakes for survival escalate. In The Prodigal Daughter, we find Emma, who sacrificed herself to save her brother and husband, now a captive, back in the hands of the very man, her father, who is the enemy of the revolutionary movement – a man who must decide what to do with his own daughter who betrayed him and joined the other camp. Meanwhile, her husband, Declan, fighting to survive his near mortal injuries, is challenged to not only survive, but to prove to his captors that he is on their side. Will the two ever be reunited? Will the rebellion against an oppressive regime, with Emma’s father at the helm, succeed, or will they be vanquished and wiped from the face of the Earth as the Governor unleashes a brutal and inhumane attack. The Prodigal Daughter will draw you to the end to find out what happens.

About Maria Ereni Dampman

Maria Ereni Dampman is an American writer who lives on a small farm in Virginia with her husband, Rich, and far too many critters.

A graduate of West Chester University of Pennsylvania with a B.A. in Communication Studies and Journalism, she’s written and edited for numerous newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs. She’s also an award-winning speechwriter, and the first person from the state of Pennsylvania to become a semifinalist at the Interstate Oratorical Competition. Examples of her winning work has been featured in numerous editions of collegiate textbooks for the past two decades.

Maria is an insatiable animal lover who shares her home with her dogs, cats horses, Mammoth American Jackstock, peafowl and a varying number of chickens depending how hungry the local fox population is. An equestrienne since practically birth, Maria has ridden and shown horses most of her life, her greatest passions being riding aside, trail riding and rehabilitating abused horses in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

When not riding or writing, Maria is a voracious reader and loves to tinker around in the garden, although she kills more plants than she cultivates. At the end of the day, there’s nothing she loves more than a good glass of wine as she watches the deer.

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