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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: The Prince Who was a Piccolo

Updated: Jan 28, 2023

When his father, the King, demands that the Prince be a “Royal Trumpet”, the unhappy boy brings doom and gloom to the kingdom until a mystical maiden guides him to finding his own unique music.

Barbara Roman’s ‘The Prince Who Was A Piccolo’ teaches children about self-esteem, asserting independence, attitudes, and being comfortable with their own identity. They will also learn about different musical instruments and the influence of music on our lives and emotions. There are mystical qualities in the story as it metaphorically touches on meditation, intuition, and spiritual guidance.

Beautifully illustrated by Vladimir Cebu, this book is a rich learning experience for children, as they learn about music instruments, and ways to express their emotions.


“This is a delightful children’s book with beautifully colored illustrations. It carries a message that will appeal to parents who read the book to their kids. If we are all instruments in the orchestra of life, which kind of music makes you happy to play in your life? Are you a booming trumpet, a lyrical harp, a soaring violin, or a playful piccolo?” – D. Rapp

“This is a beautifully rendered children’s story. On the birth of a son, a prophet tells the King that his son will be a musical instrument. Rather than allowing his son to choose what he will be in life, he decides his son must be a Royal trumpeter. His son grows to be an unhappy child and only when he meets a strange young girl does he try to change which direction his life will take. After trying to be many musical instruments unsuccessfully, he finally finds his true vocation and helps to bring joy and happiness to his father’s kingdom. It’s a perfect tale with a message, as it was only when he was allowed to choose his own way in life that he, and his father’s kingdom, found true happiness. The king, apologetic for trying to force his son to be something he didn’t want to be, was eventually a happy man, and in true fairy tale fashion, everyone lived happily ever after. Surely a lesson for us all in the subject of choices. 5 stars from me.” – Sashadoo

About Barb Roman

As Barbara Roman, I am the author of the children’s books, “Alicia and the Light Bulb People in Star Factory 13” and “Hubert in Heaven – a hi-tech angel gets his wings.”

At once whimsical and magical, they are filled with deeper meanings that touch on spiritual and metaphysical philosophies. The characters are delightful and relatable, and there are many teachable moments about friendship, courage, self-esteem, bullying, and how to achieve your “star” potential through the magic of believing.

As B. Roman, I am the author of The Moon Singer Trilogy, a YA metaphysical fantasy series (The Crystal Clipper, The War Chamber, The Wind Rose), as well as the prequel, “Before the Boy.”

I have also penned the critically acclaimed suspense fiction “Whatever Became of Sin?” and have just released a new suspense fiction, “A Man’s Face.”

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