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International Writers Inspiring Change book review: The Victims of Victory, by Marina Osipova

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

The Victims of Victory, by Marina Osipova, is an epic story - brutal in its vivid portrayal of life during wartime Europe and its aftermath in Russia. The author presents a truly heart-wrenching story that depicts, with no details withheld, the story of two main characters, each of them caught in the spider's web of slave and prisoner of war settings. The author's words compel irrevocable feelings as we follow Anna and Zachary, as they endure the reality and hardships of their slavish lives. One feels their pain, the torment they experience on every page. Moreover, and probably more profound than anything, is the constant thread of hope which draws both of them down very dark roads. They never give up and despite the cruelty and torture at the hands of their captures, that flicker of light, the barest thread of longing to be free and to find their loved ones years after the war has ended, is never quenched. This is a story which is hard to erase from one's mind because it reminds us of the sheer savagery and barbarity of war and oppressive ideology which spurred a Nazi regime into existence and a Russian state of oppression. Read it - it is an inspiring story about the irrepressible human soul.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

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