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Writers Inspiring Change featured book: Thalia - The New Generation

Thrilling Space Opera

As thievery and deceit befall the continent, a new generation of Maca leaders will rise.

Daniel, the new Maca of Ishner on Thalia, struggles to right the wrongs imposed on his people for nearly two hundred years.

Determined to uncover the depths of the Sisterhood’s treachery, Daniel and the other young Maca of Thalia face danger, as new threats lead to a battle to save their land and people.

With tensions mounting in the struggle for wealth and power, can they fend off the attack, or fall to the Sisterhood’s acts of vengeance?

Reader feedback

"I am hooked on this first book." - Reader

"Epic Science Fiction!" - Jane

"I enjoyed it so much I have already read the sequel." - James J.

"A great blend of Western and Sci-fi. Highly recommended." - Reader

About Mari Collier

Mari Collier born on a farm in Iowa, and has lived in Arizona, Washington, and Southern California. She and her husband met in high school and were married for forty-five years. She is the Accessions Curator for the Twentynine Palms Historical Society. She has worked as a collector, bookkeeper, receptionist, and as an Advanced Super Agent for Nintendo of America. Several of her short stories have appeared in print and electronically, plus four anthologies. Twisted Tales From The Desert, Twisted Tales From The Northwest, Twisted Tales From The Universe, and Twisted Tales From A Skewed Mimd can be found online. Earthbound, Gather the Children, Before We Leave, Return of the Maca, Thalia and Earth, Fall and Rise of the Macas are the six books in Chronicles of the Maca. Man, True Man, The Silver and The Green, and Marika are the three novels in the Tonath Chronicles. All are on Amazon.

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