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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler: The Struggle (Vol 2)

The Secret Journals of Adolf Hitler: The Struggle (Volume 2), by A.G. Mogan, is a brilliant rendering on a very difficult and probably, quite controversial subject. In this fascinating narrative about Adolf Hitler, which takes up his life from the point of his release from prison in December 1924, until his assumption of power as the Chancellor of Germany, the pivotal point where Nazism became a world power, the author presents us with a very intimate look into Hitler's life. While the dialogues and some of the backstage theater she presents are fictional, since there is no way to have such detail, the introduction of factual events, actual people, real episodes that did in fact happen during this period, are brought to life in full and vivid color. The Struggle shows us the depth of his obsession with power, his dogged compulsion to make the Homeland all-powerful; and moreover, his vendetta to wreak vengeance on the rest of the world for having shackled Germany after its defeat in World War I. Hitler's rise during this period is shown as one of great personal conflict, a man haunted, a man who is certain that he has been tasked by some divine force to lead Germany to the throne. He is also a man obsessed with young women, most of them half his age, and sexually inhibited in a way that makes him feel both degraded and depowered. The story flows quite seamlessly with a tremendous amount of dialogue between Hitler and the people closest to him. It becomes clear, as one nears the end of this book, that Hitler's rise to power was not soley of his doing - not by far. Adolf Hitler not only had massive financial and political backing from within Germany (and quite certainly, from without too); he also had an army of thousands of fanatics, the SA, who used violence to spread fear throughout the populace and to forcibly remove barriers to his political rise. It also shows that his ascension to power took many years, it didn't happen over night. History likes to put events, such as the rise of Third Reich, into nice-neat-boxes, reminding us of the cruelty of the Holocaust, but history books rarely ever tell all the truth, nor even, the whole story. The Struggle shows us that men, like Hitler, came to power because they were supported by the masses. One cannot help but wonder, where the hell was the rest of the world? Why did other nations, millions of people, stand by and let this mad man build the most sophisticated war machine of its time - and then, when it was too late, did the "world" step in. Logically-speaking, there must have been sufficient complicity from other world-leaders at that time, both in politics and other financial arenas, who saw great benefit in Hitler's rise to power, and the consequent war he waged - otherwise, why permit the mad man with the smoking gun to go unscathed for so long? The Struggle is an important book, not only for its historical value, but because it is a reminder to all of us that history can be repeated if we don't act. As the old saying goes, freedom is a matter of constant vigilance, and when we drop our guard, that is when our freedom is threatened.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About A.G. Mogan

A. G. Mogan has always loved history and the personalities that were born of bygone eras. Her interest for the world and its people fueled her passion for human analytics. She’s used her knowledge to analyze people and their behavior throughout her adult career, including using her in-depth research to craft poignant biographical novels that readers eagerly devour.
 When not studying great historical figures or long-lost stories from the past, she can be found at her home in Eastern Europe, enjoying the spoils of a wonderfully ordinary life.

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