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Writers Inspiring Change feature review: I LUV YOU: A Jeanne de Leon novel

Updated: Jan 27, 2023


I LUV U, by H. Berkeley Rourke, a crime thriller, is the kind of story that gives one the chills. A serial killer is moving state to state, killing women, mostly younger woman, a repeating routine, merciless, senseless and chilling to read, because he takes satisfaction in not only watching them die, but feeling the life ebb away.

Jeanne De Leon, the investigator on the case, is passionate about stopping the man before he kills again, but each clue and each time they think they are close, the maniacal yet intelligent killer sends more women to their graves. There is plenty of police Sherlocking that goes on in tandem with the Feds as they realize they are dealing with a national problem, one that is leaving a trail of dead bodies wherever he goes.

The ending is a bizarre twist, completely unpredicted and unseen in advance.

It’s a well-written crime novel, and the author’s background in the legal arena shines through in the narrative. Buckle down for some lucid imagery and unnerving scenes – and keep the lights on.”

About Berkeley Rourke

Berk Rourke was born in Douglas, Arizona on August 28, 1938. His careers were in teaching 8th and 9th grade students initially and then as an attorney for a total of some 40 years. He began writing as a cathartic exercise and enjoyed it so much that he continued with multiple efforts now being published for the first time. His life has known very few limits and his writing in at least two genres now has not known limits yet.

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