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Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: See You at the Top of Google

See You at the Top of Google, by Bengt Alvang, is a simple and useful manual that shows how to gain visibility and higher presence on the internet. Based on his own experience of having successfully built and managed companies, Bengt shows how to use Google and the internet, to increase one's visibility to potential customers. The book is laid out in easy-to-use chapters, which cover everything from building a website, how to effectively integrate search-words so that one's site comes up on search requests, how the Google search algorithms work, and more. For the novice, it is an easy 1-2-3 approach to getting oneself onto the internet. For the more experienced business person or entrepreneur, it offers some pragmatic advice which can be used to improve one's performance on the internet. Overall, in the day and age of an escalating internet-sales-driven culture, it makes sense to learn all the tricks one can to better one's business, and if only a few of his tips can improve one's business-model, it is definitely worth the read.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Bengt Alvång

I am a 50+ male living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I come from up north and moved down to the west coast of Sweden in my early teens due to family relocation. And here I am now, in Gothenburg, writing books, managing two companies in the area of coaching and recruitment and making music, while doing some acting too.

What prompted you to become a writer?

For me it has always been based on an idea that I have something to share which I think would benefit people in general in their lives, as well as providing valuable information in areas I have worked such as recruitment techniques and Google search-engine-optimization.

What do your readers like about your writing?

I write rather short books which are pretty much down to earth and yet uplifting. Readers have told me that as a result of reading my books they feel more confident and more positive as to their ability to control their own destiny.

Is there a message weaved into your writing?

Yes. Anything is possible, but nothing happens by itself; and that everyone is important on this Earth. We all share the responsibility for making life better; that it is important to help not only oneself but also those not so fortunate. I believe that anyone can be more successful and happy if they find out how to better control their own destiny and how to maneuver past the cliffs of life and progress towards their dreams. I strongly object to self- fulfillment for its own sake. There are so many people on this Earth who have experienced far worse hardships than I and who live under circumstances that make my problems seem petty small in comparison. It is easy to tell them, “You can make your dreams come true” when you yourself have not walked in their shoes. I think it is our innate responsibility to use the talents and resources we all possess in order to enhance the conditions of others. Personally I prefer to support organizations working for children and women, those who have been victimized by violence and sexual abuse. Unfortunately, some men in our world, who disrespect the lives and rights of others, are worse than pigs.

How do you inspire others with and through your writing?

In my first book, my only fiction book so far, I let the main character meet people who have survived extremely difficult life-situations, and he learns through them how to cope with the death of loved ones. Everything in that book is from real life, real experiences of others whom I have had the opportunity to meet. There is one book which I have not yet published but which is on my homepage, based on interviews with survivors of the Thailand tsunami and Auschwitz, and that one I hope gives inspiration to others. The other books are more handbook-style and I just want the readers to feel they can master the subject, and I take great care not to make it sound complicated or difficult. I want them to feel that it is easy. My last book is purely inspirational in that it lists concepts and strategies for controlling one’s happiness and success. There are certain principles that, when applied to one’s life, are able to transform and create conditions almost like magic. I want the readers to become curious and hopeful in that area.

Tell us about your most recent book(s) and why you wrote it.

In English, it is called “How to create Happiness – Cracking the Code of Human Development”. I wrote it after having read a lot of literature and after having listened to a lot of wise men and women, and then applying what I picked up to my business and my life, and being amazed at the results. All the gurus I studied mainly focused on some of the principles which fit their own personality and lifestyle. Many demand too much of the reader, and many are too “new age” for some readers. I knew of no book that just listed all the different basic principles of “Life Success Management”, allowing the reader to pick the principles that fit their particular lifestyle, so I wrote that book. It is coming out soon in Swedish as well. My Google book, See you at the top of Google, gives insight into how to optimize one’s results on Google, what most refer to as SEO or Search-Engine-Optimization. I see so many people missing out on some of the easiest and totally free tricks which exist and are available to them to help draw customers or readers to their website through Google. This book is for beginners, but it covers the most important stuff one needs to know.

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