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Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Forever England

Forever England, by David Luddington, is a humorous look at an Englishman who is relocating to Spain and starting a new chapter in his life. It's a wonderful look, from the inside, at all the "norms" of a Spanish and small-town culture, which he must adapt to and endure, the quirky business relations, the social circles, and even the quirkier expats from his homeland who have found a new life there. It's well-written, filled with humor, satire and simply the fun side, a look at how it can really be when one leaves the security, maybe even the mediocrity of a secure life and moves to a cultural setting where just about everything except for the internet, is different. The story starts out slow, as the main character steps into his new domain with the hesitant hopes of finding balance in what seems to a mid-life crisis, but as the book progresses, the Spanish lifestyle and ambience of his new surroundings start to change him. He begins to see life in a different, simpler way, and he meets new people, and as the story moves along, so does the excitement, the build-up and insouciance which grows in him - a sort of flippant "let's just live life" - which is rather contagious. It's a fun-filled adventure that will put a smile on your face.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About David Luddington

In case you don't know, I write comedy. Gentle British comedy. Having grown up with P.G. Wodehouse, the Ealing Comedies and the Carry On movies I like to think I've captured the essence of traditional British Humour but brought it firmly into the... where are we now? No... Not going to think about that.

I also write to a theme. I write about identity, the personae we use to identify ourselves in the world and what happens when that's suddenly taken from us. Who are we when the wave we've been riding all these years dumps us on the shores of Couldn't-Care-Less and moves on? Having been dumped by two big waves I do feel somewhat of an authority.

Primarily I write comedy because I want people to laugh a bit more. I believe in Hope and Second Chances and like to bring a positive feel to my writing. And it doesn't matter if the glass is half empty or half full as long as it's still got at least some beer in it. Although if you're looking for cruel, biting satire then please buy my books anyway. You'll be disappointed but I need the money.

So, about me. I currently live in the Alpujarras in Southern Spain. I'm here on a fact finding mission for my next book. At least that's what's going on my tax return. I am fortunate enough to have been given a second chance at life. Having spent most of my working life in Sales and Marketing, at all levels and many different industries, I was finally dumped one last time when the industry I was in found it could no longer survive so much government help and finally collapsed.

I now live in a funny little house in a strange little valley with my wife and soulmate (Just hope they never bump into each other), two cats and an indeterminate number of dogs.

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