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Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Cosmos End

Updated: Mar 24

Cosmos End by K.C. Martin

Having read this book some years ago, I got the opportunity to read it again and I am glad that I did. Reading Cosmos End for a second time gave me a deeper appreciation of this story, which could be called an epic sci-fi or space opera. The story begins in contemporary times, with Robert Moth, a seemingly average guy, except for one small twist; he was born immortal. We follow him through several thrilling chapters as he evades being captured by the rich and powerful who want to tap into him, like a lab-rat, to extract the secret of his immortality. Robert eventually realizes that he will never be safe and that people will always be hunting him; so, with the help of a stranger who seems to know of his predicament, Robert manages to escape Earth. What ensues is a story that covers eons, one that takes us to the far corners of the Universe, face-to-face with countless other sentient species and cultures, as Robert follows his agenda, not only to bring about Universal peace, but to spawn a new race of humans, people who are immortal too. There is plenty of action to satisfy the science-fiction lover, moreover, the book is thought-provoking, leaving one to wonder about the ultimate fate of mankind, far, far, down the line.

- IWIC reviewer

About K.C. Martin

KC Martin hails from Portsmouth in England. His work history has been varied but interesting. First, he was a Chef (still is at home), then a Cinema Manager and now he works in IT. In his words he describes his passion; “I have always wanted to be a author. I simply love writing and creating fiction. My other interests are keeping fit, running, kayaks, radio controlled boats and motorbikes.”

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