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Writers Inspiring Change feature book review: Beauty from Ashes

Updated: Mar 20, 2023

Beauty from Ashes: Detroit Raised Me, Got Saved Me, by Meme Green, is an amazing story about resilience and strength. This is a true story about the author herself, who fought to survive and who was challenged to find happiness in life, until she finally understood what was really important to her. After many wrong turns and painful emotional and physical hurdles to overcome, she turned to her faith to help her make the right decisions for both herself and her children. She went to school, got a degree and now helps others along the right path. An excellent story of determination to rise above daunting circumstances. An uplifting and inspiring read about a woman who achieved her goals in spite of her circumstances.

Review by International Writers Inspiring Change

About Meme Green

IWIC: Tell us about you! Shameka: My name is Shameka “Meme” Green. I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan. I’m currently working as Marriage & Family Therapist and business owner of Emma’s House Inc.

IWIC: Tell us about your writing Shameka: I decided to share my memoir to inspire others to overcome their pain. My story details how I overcame obstacles such as my father being murdered, my mother being incarcerated, enduring sexual abuse as a child, being raped, and victim of domestic violence.

IWIC: What message or inspiration are you trying to convey? Shameka: The message is turning pain into purpose. No matter what we have dealt with in the past we can dictate our future. The book is about strength.

IWIC: Tell us about your book Shameka: My book, Beauty From Ashes, started out as a journal for healing, until I let a co-worker read it. She suggested that I write it as a book, and considering that I was seeing many therapy clients who were having a hard time overcoming their own pain, the book was a means of reaching out and inspiring people to see through their pain and to let it strengthen them in making a better future.

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