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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Retribution: A dish served cold

Murder, suspense and police procedural - all in one!

On discovering the murder of his sister, Chief Inspector John Daniels follows the path from which there is no return. An unusual turn of events helps him in his task. From hunter to predator, he remains one step in front of the police when he sets and springs the trap to destroy those he despises. Single-handed, he plays the game but rewrites the rules in the knowledge failure will cost him his life.

Those who control others to do their bidding believe they are untouchable. John uses his extensive skills and knowledge of villains to help those with nowhere else to turn. With the assistance of two others, they act as minders for those who cannot protect themselves.

About Ron Sewell

Age - Old enough not to listen to idiots.

Born in Edinburgh

Happily married to Sheila, we both got it right the second time.

At the age 14 with my passport and an almost empty rucksack I headed for the south of France. Here, I had a fabulous time working as a deckhand on luxury yachts.

If you choose to read my books and find you do not enjoy them please with my good wishes buy and read another author. Thank you for trying.

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