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Writers Inspiring Change feature book: Pieman: The Papa D Story

Pieman - The Papa D Story is the story of one man's journey to self during a special time in his life. A time that fell into place when he learned to let go and trust his intuition.

It is also a business adventure towards the end of his working life, with plenty of obstacles to overcome. It might have never been a success if he hadn't opened his mind and accepted that things can go ‘right’ sometimes.

It was a time when he let the magic happen and found himself on a journey searching for the secret to life through comfort foods.


"Follow an interesting journey of one man's dream of life's true meaning. The discovery of self and his final destination of worth." - JR

" Felt like sitting around a fire with family listening to tales from the past. For anyone who never got to try Papa D's did you miss out! They truly are the best tasting pies!" - M

About June & Dennis Bourgo

June V. Bourgo was born and educated in Montreal, Quebec. She and her artist/writer husband, Dennis live on Vancouver Island. The island sits off the western coast of British Columbia. Between them, they have three adult children and nine grandchildren. June’s writing is inspired by the natural beauty of the landscape and the Salish Sea that surround her home.

Dennis Bourgo was born and raised in Vernon, in the North Okanagan area of the British Columbia Interior. An entrepreneur, an artist/photographer, and a writer, he lives on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, with his wife, June V. Bourgo, a novelist. They have three children and nine grandchildren.

His love of painting began at a young age. His works reflect his love of the natural beauty of the province he calls home.

Dennis has published two art books: Watercolour Thoughts, Musings in Word and Paint, Book 1

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